Beware the Gonzo (2010)

I liked it, it was kind of typical for the kind of story it was but I like those kinds of stores so it worked; it kind of reminded me of both Mean Girls and Easy A but I think only Easy A because of the way they laid out the story with him talking to the camera in the beginning about how he messed everything and then the movie was explaining that whole thing and then they showed him talking to the camera again, and then Mean Girls because it’s essentially the same story just with a newspaper and the main character’s a guy

I liked the whole concept of the newspaper though, even though when they were first talking about it it was like they were just going to bully the bullies which is jut as bad but like how it was all about the truth n whatnot; I got a little confused when they accused that girl of being bulimic and then found out the truth and wrote like a correction…Idk that was weird, and then there was that moment where everyone wanted to be apart of it and those two girls were saying how they were going to force everyone who was in the closet to come out and they like kinda shrugged it off…Idk just little sociology things that I’m never gonna not see again XP but yea I liked it, and Ezra Miller’s good at these roles, oh and Jesse McCartney wasn’t bad either, I actually liked his character only because it showed that everyone had their own shit to deal with and even if they seem like they aren’t dealing with something they are so people just need to back off each other and yea, I like that stuff lol

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